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Welcome to Mastrad on-line. Here is a list of Moisture Meters we manufacture. You can click on any of the images for detailed information on each meter and then download a Product Data Sheet for all the specifications. We hope you enjoy the convenience of researching and purchasing Mastrad Moisture Meters on-line.

Aqua-Spear Moisture Indicator

Speedy Moisture Tester

Protimeter SM

Concretemaster III

Protimeter Moisture Meters for Agriculture


"NEW" The world's most advanced and versatile non-destructive moisture meter for measurement and recording of moisture in building materials such as wood, drywall, roofing, plaster, brick, siding etc. Based on micro controller technology it offers data storage, different material libaries, automatic correction for different wood species and temperature. Supplied with PC interface and software compatible with Windows 95/98 word processing and spread sheet programs.

A non-destructive overall building inspection tool that has applications for many industries including but not limited to: building/home inspection, roofing, drywall, painting, flood and water restoration, flooring and pest control. Three ranges of sensitivity make it suitable for various building materials.

A pocket size non-destructive meter designed to measure the moisture content in concrete flooring prior to the application of floor coverings. Simply switch the Concrete Encounter on, hold it against the surface and take readings from the clear analog dial showing readings up to 6% moisture content.

A Complete Kit for moisture testing concrete flooring and wood flooring. Contains a Concrete Meter, Professional Wood Meter, Digital Hygrometer and slide action electrodes with 1.5" pins.

A pocket size digital display moisture meter for measuring moisture content in wood without damaging the surface. Incorporates the following: Switchable specific gravity adjustment for many wood species; built in temperature sensor and readout; display hold facility; covers moisture content from 3% to 35%.

A digital probe type resistance meter with built in probes designed to measure moisture content in wood and indicate this on a clear LED display, giving moisture reading from 6% to over 40% in 0.1% increments. Plug in hand held or hammer action electrodes and a range of probe sizes are also available.

A probe type resistance meter with built in probes designed to measure moisture content in wood and indicate this on a clear analog dial, giving moisture readings from 7% to 40%. Plug in hand held or hammer action electrodes are also available.

A portable hand held instrument for non-destructive surveying, moisture detection and leak tracking in built up and single ply roofing. Suitable for use on most types of roofing with a non-conductive roof membrane. It will detect through up to 50mm of gravel surfacing.

Roof Moisture Inspection Kit: Foam lined Aluminum sided case containing (1) Leak-Seeker, (2) telescoping handle, (3) Compact Probe Meter and hand held electrode with 7 inch deep Probes.

A mobile instrument on four wheels which allows quick non-destructive scanning of large roof areas with immediate accurate results. The Dec Scanner works on most types of built up and single ply non-conductive roofing with smooth or ballasted surfaces. Comes with an ABS carrying case. The Dec Scanner may also be ordered with an aluminium flight case.

A non-destructive moisture detector to assist with leak tracing and moisture location in Black EPDM and Butyl roofing systems.

A portable, hand held non-destructive moisture detector for moisture evaluation and tracing in EIFS. Incorporates 2 ranges of sensitivity for different insulation board thicknesses. Easy operation for fast non-destructive location of substrate moisture.

A complete Inspection Kit for Moisture Detection and Evaluation of EIFS systems and substrate in a dye cut foam lined Aluminum sided case. Contains (1) Wet Wall Detector, (2) Professional Wood Meter with built in and Deep Wall Probes. (Hand held electrode with 7" insulated pins).

A pocket size, non-destructive moisture meter designed to locate moisture in boat hulls and fittings. It has three ranges of operation making it suitable for use on wood and fibreglass in fresh or salt water.

Electronic Hygrometer giving relative Humidity, Temperature, and Dewpoint.
Electrodes and Pins for use with Professional and Compact Moisture Meters.