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Aqua-Scan Moisture Meter

Ceramic Industry Test Equipment


In the complex world of ceramics development the need for good quality control has never been greater.
Mastrad provides all the essential laboratory supplies for Quality Control, analysis, development and manufacture.

Slip/Glaze Preparation

The 'Payne' Torsion Viscometer -
developed for the ceramic industry - a simple device for viscocity and thixotropic measurement. THE MARKET LEADER!

Specific Gravity Cans (Pint-Weight) Copper or Stainless Steel -
Metric or Imperial sizes available

'Ford Type' Flow Cup -
for simple viscosity measurement.

Moisture Determination

Aqua Spear
Moisture Indicator-
Easy to use , instantaneous response. Ideal for measuring the moisture content of ceramic powders on incoming consignments.

Moisture indicator
Non-destructive test or moisture content of plaster moulds and pre-fired pieces. Easy to use and instantaneous

Moisture Tester
using calcium carbide reagent to react with moisture. Various ranges between 0 to 2% and 0 to 50% available.

Glaze Thickness Measurement

Glaze Thickess Penetrometer -
for thickness of unfired glaze on biscuitware. Imperial/metric sizes available.
Harrow Thickness gauge -
Preset wheels to customers specification.
Pocket Microscope -
for thickness of fired glaze, fitted with imperial/metric (1/1000inch - 1/50mm) scale.
Measuring Microscope -
fitted with metric scale - can be used as an inspection microscope

Clay Characteristics

Clay Hardness Tester -
incorporating arbitary scale.
Modulus of Rupture Machine -
for measuring the bending/tensile strength of samples. May be modified to suit individual requirements.

Floor Friction Testers

TORTUS II Floor Friction Tester

Pendulum Friction Tester

Particle Size Analysis

Sieves and Sieve Shakers-
BS or ASTM Standard sieves can be supplied with NAMAS certificated with stainless steel mesh and frame.
Laser Granulometers -
Malvern Instruments Zeta Potential and submicron analysers

Chemical Analysis

Scanning analyser -
accurate analysis of lead and cadmium in metal release test. Easy to operate, the unit is a low cost alternative to AAS methods whilst offering coparable accuracy.